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What do you want in a real estate advocate? A friendly guide providing information on different neighborhoods? A data-hungry researcher looking for the market trends and opportunities to put to work? A seasoned professional with the connections to get whatever you need done? Someone who can see beyond the walls and windows to envision the potential of what can be your dream home and the remodeling expertise to guide you on the professionals you need to bring that vision to life?

When you work with me, you get all of this and more! We will work collaboratively to create a buying plan that totally works for you, your timeline, and your goals. I will take the guesswork out of your next steps so you are always in the know and ready for whatever is coming your way.

Here is my pledge to you from start to finish:

Home Search

  • I know the local market and can focus in on the areas that have the greatest possibilities for finding a home at the price you want. 

  • To save you time, I will organize, expedite, and get the appropriate documents.  Homes that don’t meet your specific needs are removed. 

  • I will make appointments, preview homes with you, and help you determine which homes best fit your needs.

  • I will supply information and make appointments to see any property listed for sale. I know how to get detailed information, or an appointment, no matter what company the home is listed with.

The Offer and Contract

  • I will help you write an offer that has the greatest likelihood of success in line with your comfort level and goals. 

  • I will negotiate on your behalf, with the goal of mutual acceptance of both parties in mind. 

  • When the offer has mutual acceptance, I will deliver copies of the fully-signed contract to all parties and escrow.

  • Your earnest money will be promptly delivered and recorded. 

  • A calendar will be created with all your important deadlines noted and I will be updating this throughout the transaction. There are many dates and obligations to keep track of, but I have it handled! 



  • If you are in need of an inspector referral, I will provide you with local inspectors who have done a super job for my buyer clients.

  • I will coordinate your professional home inspection with the listing agent and inspector and will be on hand to provide access and talk with the inspector. 

  • When your inspector has provided his or her report, I can review this with you and provide my feedback. 

  • Based on the items and issues you would like to work on with the seller, I will draft an inspection response and negotiate work items with the listing agent and the seller. 

  • If needed, I will recommend contractors to perform any negotiated or required repairs.

  • I’ll oversee the completion of all required repairs on your behalf, if needed.

Pending to Closing

  • I will make sure you receive the Seller Disclosure statement

  • I will make sure you receive your Title Report and will review any questions or concerns you have. 

  • I will coordinate the closing process with you, the listing agent and escrow company.

  • When it is time to schedule the signing, I will coordinate the location with you and the escrow company or closing agent. 

  • Should you need a moving company, I can provide references. 

  • If you are buying and selling, I will lend a hand in coordinating closings to correspond if possible

  • I will coordinate the possession details and timing, working with the listing agent and seller on everything from keys to garage remotes and instructions for any systems and appliances left behind. 

  • If needed, I will coordinate your final walk-through prior to closing.

  • We will have a “no surprises” closing as I will closely tracking all the details with all parties.


  • If you are in need of a lender referral, I will provide you with references who have done a great job for my buyer clients. 

  • I will keep in touch with you and your lender on a regular basis to ensure your loan is processing and on track.

  • I will communicate with the listing agent as needed regarding the status of the loan. 

  • When the appraisal is scheduled, I will assist as needed. 

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