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Generally speaking, home buyers in Washington State can expect to pay somewhere between 1% and 3% of the purchase price.

In a typical real estate transaction, home buyers in Washington State usually pay some, or all, of the following closing costs:

  • Half of the escrow fees. 

  • Half of the Title insurance fees (if financing the purchase)

  • Property taxes.

  • Recording charges for all documents in the home buyer’s name. Recording fees are usually paid to the city or county to cover the cost of creating new land records.

  • Document preparation fees, when applicable.

  • Homeowners insurance paid through the first year.

  • Fees associated with the mortgage loan. These can include origination fees, discount points, credit reports, processor fees and others.

These days, home appraisals are generally paid for at the time the service is provided. So they don’t get added into the closing costs in most cases.

The important thing to remember is that you’ll receive a standardized Loan Estimate form when you apply for a home loan. The second page of the document includes an itemized list of closing costs to be paid by the buyer.

You’ll receive a second document, known as the Closing Disclosure, shortly before you close. This disclosure will include the actual, finalized amounts that must be paid.
Sellers tend to pay quite a bit more, partly due to the real estate excise tax. The seller pays the real estate agents’ fees as well.   

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