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Accessory Dwelling Units (also known as ADUs), are housing units that share space with other housing units but contain separate living quarters. Mother-in-law suites, basement apartments, and even converted above-garage apartments are all examples of ADUs. 

DADUs (detached accessory dwelling units) are separate living units on the same lot but are not attached to the primary residence. These include backyard cottages. 

The awareness around ADUs and DADUs has been brought to the forefront by housing advocates in Seattle. Housing affordability and availability are creating demand for greater housing density. Creating more ADUs and DADUs is one way to handle that. In 2019 Seattle relaxed zoning regulations to allow these on many lots within the city and many homeowners have already taken advantage of these changes by developing an ADU or a DADU on their property. 

Although there are rules and regulations that go with becoming a landlord, often the added income and increase in property value make an ADU or DADU worthwhile. 

I myself have become very familiar with ADUs and DADUs, their income potential both from a long-term rental and short-term rental side, and understand the rules that must be followed. Since 2008, I have owned and managed a short-term rental in the city. I manage all the bookkeeping and budget, coordinate the accounting and reports, manage the online marketing, and the result is 5-star reviews from 96% of past guests. As you can imagine, this is lucrative and a great way to provide long-term income that grows over time.  

If you have been considering purchasing a property with an ADU or DADU, the potential for developing one, if you have an ADU or DADU and are not sure how this impacts your home value, or want to take your investment savvy up a notch, I would be happy to help! 

For More Information Check Out the Sources Below:

Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections

Get more information on what and ADA is and what you need to build one, or legalize a current building.

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Analyze vacation rental data.

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