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Suggested Home Preparations for

2738 30th Ave S, Seattle, 98144


  • Clean or remove living room shade

  • Clean Batchelder tiles on fireplace 

  • Refinish fir floors in kitchen, upper bedroom and hall

  • Replace light bulbs where burnt out
    Paint main floor bathroom ceiling and window sill

  • Clean or resurface main bath tub

  • Paint hall stairway walls and trim

  • Repair, clean and seal upper bath room

  • skylight leak (maybe no leak, but evidence of a previous leak)

  • Paint lower unit entrance walls, window sills and steps

  • Replace lower unit bedroom carpet


  • Wash front porch

  • Clean and seal front door

  • Repair/replace lower unit walkway stones near entrance

  • Replace/replace downspout extension near lower unit

  • Replace rusty exterior lights by lower unit entrance door and garage (any others?)

  • Repair/replace garden edging

  • Trim shrubs and bushes away from the house

  • Install a small section of 6’ fence between lower unit entrance and top of retaining wall to create privacy.


I am a firm believer in making a home look its very best before it goes on the market. Depending on the strategy and preferred timing, this sometimes means we have as little as a weekend or we may have weeks before coming on the market.


In that time, some sellers will roll up their sleeves and get to work, building elbow-grease equity, but others need to have this process handled for them. That is where I come in! In many instances, such as the case study below, I managed the whole home preparation project from outlining the work to be done, setting bid appointments, delivering bids to the seller, confirming the jobs, setting appointments for work to be completed, and coordinating all the contractors to work on a schedule. In the case below, the sellers were out-of-state, so it was also up to me to monitor the contractors and the work, and act as liaison between the contractors and the sellers.


The result? Sold for $1,100,000 ($1000 over list price)!

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